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Our Goal

Studies have shown that adding visual assets (photos, video, illustrations and infographics) to your marketing content will increase viewers dramatically. The problems are; productions cost is expensive, not all images you find on google is legally covered, and sometimes when you do find one it has appeared in one of your competitors collateral.

At Riz Visual, we offer solutions to overcome those problems. If you require images or video content in an affordable price, you can source from the largest digital creative marketplace Shutterstock (which happens to be our partner ) and get even better deal for bulk purchase from us.

Should you prefer to have more exclusive visual content, we will help to produce one or two. Simply opt to one of your expertise in video production, photography, multimedia & graphic design and we will try to work within your budget.

Our mission at Riz Visual is to make visual communication more effective as well as efficient. Today we provide one of the most comprehensive solutions for visual marketing. We want to make those solutions available to as many people as possible.


You will not regret to get to know us. We are enthusiastic, loving and supporting group of people you have ever met!
Daniel Riswandi

Daniel Riswandi

CEO, Co-founder

Throughout his career, Daniel has been roaming around the creative industry. He had been writing content for Public Relation campaigns, brainstorming to execute effective ads for Advertising clients, consult users to get the right license for Stock Photography or Footages. Therefore, he has not only understand how important visual content is but also knows how to get the effective ones. He opens up to any discussions as he enjoys solving problems and helping people the most. The same reason he co-founded Riz Visual.