Custom Individual Subscription Plan


a single-seat image subscription plan which gives 350 images / 750 images per month for 12 months and authorize one individual only to download, use and license the image.

Download 350 images or 750 images per month

Authorize one individual only to download, use and license the image

No to other persons (including employees, co-workers or other independent vendors/contractors) may access your account to use the download quota or/and “touch” the downloaded image. This clause is stated in Shutterstock License Agreement which governs all Individual Subscription plan including the plans that are purchased through


Shutterstock standard license grants a permission for user to use the image with copies and impression lower than 500,000, subject to the limitations set forth herein:
Number of Users Single or Multiple (limited)
Worldwide Use in Perpetuity
Unlimited Digital Use
Unlimited Print Reproductions Limited to 500,000
Unlimited Out of Home Impressions Limited to 500,000
Unlimited Video Production Budget Limited to $10,000 USD
Use on Merchandise or Promotional Items -
Use in Templates -
Decoration in Commercial Space -
Indemnification per Creative Image $10,000
Indemnification per Footage Clip $10,000
Archiving Rights Licensed User(s)
Assignment Rights (3rd Party License Transfer) -
Sensitive Use Available -

Shutterstock Individual Subscription plan is suitable for designer who works individually for an ongoing project in digital media or in a printed production that requires not more than 50,000 copies and publication not more than 50,000 impression

Pricing for Custom Individual Subscription plan (Standard License)


Download Quota 350 images/month



Download Quota 750 images/month



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