Assorted Dim Sum on Dark Table (Food Photography)

Assorted Dim Sum Editorial ( Food Photography)

Assorted Dim Sum Wooden Table (Food Photography)

French-Japanese Obu Bread (Food Photography)

Japanese Cranberry Obu Bread (Food Photography)

Assorted French Bread (Food Photography)

Flowers Isolated on Black Background (Stock Photography)

Maltese Dog with Flowers (Pet Photography)

Vintage Flowers (Still Life Photography)

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake (Cake Photography)

Japanese Blueberry Roll (Cake Photography)

Japanese Matcha Roll Cake (Cake Photography)

Tarot Reader (Stock Photography)

Tarot Card Reading – Flat lay (Stock Photography)

Tarot Reading in Candle Light (Stock Photography)

Fresh Watermelon Juice (Beverage Photography)

Fresh Pineapple Juice (Beverage Photography)

Salmon En Croute Low Key ( Food Photography)

Salmon Wellington High Key (Food Photography)

Christmas Cookies & Hot Cocoa (Food Photography)

Sunny Essential Oil (Product Photography)

BeeSweet Dessert (Product Photography)

Product Photography – Christmas Hampers (Namu)

Beverage Photography – Avocado Smoothies

Beverage Photography – Fresh Lemonade

Beverage Photography – Cendol Dawet Ayu

Food Photography – Sate Kambing Maranggi

Product Photography – Christmas Hampers (Home by Kami 3)

Product Photography – Christmas Hampers (Home by Kami 2)

Product Photography – Christmas Hampers

Food Photography – Croffle with Honey

Food Photograhy – Rendang with Rice

Food Photography – Mushroom Cream Soup

Food Photography – Ham & Cheese Panini

Food Photography – Xmas Cookies

Japanese Tea Pot (Product Photography)

Nasi Bakar (Food Photography)

Croissant High Key (Food Photography)

Croissant Low Key (Food Photography)

Martabak Low Key (Food Photography)

Moon Cake (Cake Photography)

Dragon Fruit Smoothies (Desssert Photography)

Assorted Sushi (Food Photography)

Salmon Sushi (Food Photography)

Sashimi (Food Photography)

Kue Bugis Mandi (Food Photography)

Klepon Jajanan Pasar (Food Photography)

Lupis Jajanan Pasar (Food Photography)

Daily Business Worker – bright theme

Daily Business Worker – dark theme

Work Attribute (Flat Lat Photo)

Baker Downstairs

Fashion Photography (flat lay photo)

Party Theme Photography

Chinese New Year Attributes

Food Photography

Make Up Product Photography